Float Leger Rig

Float Leger Rig

The float Leger is a method that can be used on any venue type lake, river or drain.

When compared with the Basic Float rig, Float leger holds the advantage of not being
affected as much by currents and weather. This is due to the ability to use heavier weights
to counteract conditions.

The advantage of this rig is that it can hold the bottom on faster flowing river venues. without
causing resistance and in turn reducing the opportunity for dropped runs.

On still and slow running venues there is also the opportunity to set the float over depth, this
approach reduces the resistance that can be caused by the float. Handy on heavily fished
venues where the pike have become fairly cautious. When fishing over depth the float can be
set up to a couple of feet over.

Summary Notes and Tips

Preferable venue conditions, minimal weed and no crayfish or mitten crab infestations.

For weedy venues there are pop up rig changes that can be made to enable the usage of the leger rig.

Bite indication, combination of standard bite alarm and back droppers.