Duaine Wilson's Custom Made Tackle

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Duaine Wilson's Custom Made Tackle

An introduction to Duaine Wilson

Duaine Wilson is an extremely talented all round angler who in the winter months specialises in Pike angling . As well as pleasure fishing for Pike, Duaine is a regular at the Pike matches, where on a regular basis he is a top three finisher.

Started this season with a single haul of over 90lb of Pike in 3 hours with a 21lb Pike thrown in for good measure. Caught a 21lb Pike out of notoriously hard Grafham Water on his first visit with a Zander of just over 10lb on the Float and in the same session got to witness his boat partner catch an 18lb plus fish of a lifetime Zander.

Duaine like a lot of Pike Anglers, wasn't always impressed with the quality of the tackle developed by the mainstream tackle manufacturers so decided to start making his own floats. This has extended out to weights, leger stems and traces.

Duaine produces a varied range of floats, which includes bobs, dead bait pencil floats, inline floats, dumbell floats and sunken floats. All of the floats are balanced, with the weight details painted on the floats.

Duaine has been selling his floats on ebay and the odd few at matches. At a recent match Duaine had a comment from the angler in the next swim, that he could see Duaines floats better than his own and had been watching his runs. The angler bought all of Duaine's spare floats?

I have been using Duaines floats at matches and pleasure fishing and they perform as well as any of the mainstream floats out there.