Billy's Backbiters

Billy's Backbiter Drop Off Alarms 

(Quote taken from Billy Back Biters website)
Many Pikers will have reverted to front alarms in this time and will have spent years putting up with the bleeping all day long when fishing in flow on a river, fishing in wind on a still water where the waves are rolling or when using big live baits. As a result you get complacent to the beeps and tend not to pay them any attention. When a Backbiter or Drop Off style alarm goes off it is for one reason only and that's because a predator has grabbed your bait. In my opinion and that of most serious Pikers the Backbiter or Drop Off style alarm is the only type of alarm that covers all round predator angling from fishing small lives on the local cut to banging out big dead baits on a Scottish Loch.

Kit Review

Having used these alarms for two seasons now, I can say that these are a very useful and effective method of bite indication when ledgering and using sunken paternoster methods rigs for Pike and Zander fishing, both night and day, in a range of weather conditions. I can definately agree with the above statement regarding front alarms. As I see when fishing with my mate, who still uses front alarms and backdroppers.

The quality of the build is excellent. Very robust. Have landed on the ground a few times and still working fine.

On the water proof front, the alarms stand up to the heaviest of down pours and consistent rain fall. As recomended, after a rainy session just get the alarms out of the tackle bag to dry out.  

A handy option is that they come in different colours, which when night fishing is very useful.

If you have or are looking to invest in the Gardner ATTX Remote System with 3.5mm jack senders, then it is well worth adding the jack option to the alarms when placing an order. currently use this option with my alarms. Great option on those days when you need to fish from the metal bivvy due to the weather.

A good feature of the alarms is the versatility to tweak and develop the alarm yourself. The reason that this is useful is that I found I couldn't get on with the solar line clip that comes with arm. I was able to swap the solar alarm clip for an innovations Aero Line Clip, by simply unscrewing and replacing the original clips with Aero Line Clips.


In addition to the clip change with the original arm, I was able to create a new arm using using my Fox gated drop off indicators. These arms are handy when fishing venues where the line clips are not practical. The benefit was that I didn't have to glue or cut the drop off arms and I can still convert the drop off indicators back to their original state.