Greys Prowla Dead Bait Bag

Greys Prowla Coolstyle Bait Bag without doubt the best Dead Bait bag out there. The main advantage of this bag is the clip top freezer proof box, this feature of the bag is great for stopping your dead bait melting and leaving a mess for you to clean up at the end of a session. If you do need to clean up then simply rinse the box out. Another advantage of the box is that it can be transferred straight from the bag to the freezer, which saves time taking bait out the bag and putting it back on the freezer shelf.

The bag also has a storage point at the front for bait oils etc, in addition to the front storage, there is plenty of space around the box for storing syringes and additional bait colourant and oils.

I have had my Prowla bag for a couple of seasons now and it is still going strong. I had been looking for a practical Dead bait bag for quite a while and definately found it with this one.

The only improvement I would like to see, would be a bigger version of bag with a bigger box for longer sessions for more and bigger baits storage