Clubs and Organisations


Clubs and organisations are an important part of fishing as they enable the quality of venues to be maintained and the fishing rights of Anglers to continue and not be destroyed by the few that do not participate and understand the relevance of Angling in aiding in the protection of our rivers, lakes and the wildlife contained in and around them.

The most important Organisation to be a member of is the Angling Trust. For further details about the Angling Trust and to join, click the following link.

For the Pike Angler the Pike Anglers' Club of Great Britain is an important organisation. Similarly to the Angling Trust, the PAC work to protect the rights of the Pike Angler to continue fishing. More importantly, the PAC are helping to protect the future of Pike Angling through campaigning to protect Pike from removal by fishery owners and promote the benefit of Pike in the ecological balance of all rivers and lakes where they currently exist. The PAC is a great Club for meeting up with fellow Pike Anglers/members of the PAC in their local area. The PAC is run as regions, the regions enable PAC members to meet up and discuss issues or plan excursions to venues as a club. For further details about the The Pike Anglers' Club and to join, click the following link.