Basic Tackle

The basic tackle required for Pike Angling is quite specific, this is due to the fact that the fish being handled have a nice sharp set of teeth, that can if handled or approached incorrectly cause quite a bit of discomfort to the unprepared angler. More importantly than the anglers appendages, is the condition of the Pike when it is returned in to the water and the way ensure this is to carry the correct tools for unhooking.

Forceps are the most important part of the basic tackle line up. The forceps not only prevent the angler from getting their hand mangled, but more importantly enable quick and easy access to the hooks. Forceps can be bought at different lengths which on occassion do come in handy when unhooking Pike. It is always good to carry a couple of sets of forceps, especially if fishing on your own as you know they will either break or you will lose a pair... I speak from experience. Multiple sets are also useful for unhooking deeply hooked pike.

Cutters Occassionaly the hooks will have positioned themselves in a position that makes it impossible to unhook quickly. To save unecessary stress for the Pike the quickest alternative is to cut the hooks. The ideal cutters used for pike angling are long handled so that they can get down into the pikes mouth without getting fingers caught.

Long Nose Pliers  Are used as an alternative to forceps. Anglers that use pliers find that they give them a better grip and angle on the hook. Personally they are good to have on the mat alongside the forceps and cutters.


Landing nets are part of the basic kit for Pike Angling, as on average you will not be swinging a pike straight out of the water. When fishing with multiple rods it is good practice to have at least two nets. the reason for this is to try to prevent deep hooking of the second Pike, if you are lucky enough to get a second pike on the go. Most Pike anglers recommend that a Pike landing net minimum size should be 42inch. You will find on average that a 42inch net can be a bit cumbersome when landing smaller Pike. In my kit I carry a 42inch and 32inch net, the net that sees the most action is the 32inch net, which has so far comfortably and safely landed Pike to 23lb plus.

Unhooking Mat is used to protect the Pike from being damaged during the unhooking process from scraping or being puctured by objects of the ground. Most of the larger mats fold in half and can be used to carry seats and nets to the swim. Also very handy if you forget your chair?