Paternoster Varients

Paternoster Boom Rig

The Paternoster Rig can be configured in various ways. The most common config'
is the one shown in the main Paternoster diagram. An alternative is the use of a
boom. The main advantages of a boom is improved presentation and prevention
of rig tangling during the cast.

If you decide to configure your own Paternoster rig using a boom like the example
illustrated in the diagram, the John Roberts Pike booms are a good option. A
tip that is worth trying is to buy some John Roberts Rig Tubing and remove
the boom arm tubing that comes with the booms and cut longer arms out of the
rig tubing bought separately. For details for configuring the Paternoster rig see
the rig building section of the web site.

If you want to buy a boom based Paternoster Rig off the shelf Greys offer this
amongst their terminal tackle catalogue.

Occasionally, when the venue is gin clear, the booms visibility near the trace can
sometimes spook the Pike on more heavily fished venues. So carrying a variation
of rig in the tackle bag can change the outcome of a session.

This rig works very well in summer when night fishing for Zander, by helping to keep
the fish off of the bottom and out of the weed.