Suspended Dead Bait/Roaming Live Bait Rig

Float Rig

This popular method of Pike Angling has been a productive starting point for a lot of Pike Anglers.

Although a fairly basic rig this method is very effective in covering a lot of water and finding a lot
of pike. The coverage of this rig is achieved by either the live bait doing the work or using the
current to trot a dead bait through the swim.

This rig is useful in venues where shallow fishing is required. whether the shallow fishing is
required due to venue depth or weed, this rig enables the angler to fish in these conditions.

As the diagram shows the rig can be used with or without weights. When using live bait the
removal of a weight enables the bait fish to move around more freely enabling greater coverage
of the swim, also the removal of the weight enables the bait fish to remain active longer.