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Paternoster Varients

Paternoster Boom Rig

The Paternoster Rig can be configured in various ways. The most common config'
is the one shown in the main Paternoster diagram. An alternative is the use of a
boom. The main advantages of a boom is improved presentation and prevention
of rig tangling during the cast.

Paternoster Rigs

Standard Paternoster

The Paternoster rig is again a popular method for live and dead bait fishing. The advantage
of the paternoster rig is the ability to fish live baits next to snaggy venue features that a
roaming live bait or dead bait could swim or drift into and get snagged. Apart from preventing
snags, the paternoster is a method that is good for holding the bait against the edge of drop
off points, which are features that Pike like to travel in search of a meal. Another advantage

Suspended Dead Bait/Roaming Live Bait Rig

Float Rig

This popular method of Pike Angling has been a productive starting point for a lot of Pike Anglers.

Although a fairly basic rig this method is very effective in covering a lot of water and finding a lot
of pike. The coverage of this rig is achieved by either the live bait doing the work or using the
current to trot a dead bait through the swim.

This rig is useful in venues where shallow fishing is required. whether the shallow fishing is
required due to venue depth or weed, this rig enables the angler to fish in these conditions.

Float Leger Rig

Float Leger Rig

The float Leger is a method that can be used on any venue type lake, river or drain.

When compared with the Basic Float rig, Float leger holds the advantage of not being
affected as much by currents and weather. This is due to the ability to use heavier weights
to counteract conditions.

The advantage of this rig is that it can hold the bottom on faster flowing river venues. without
causing resistance and in turn reducing the opportunity for dropped runs.

Basic Dead Bait Rig

Basic Dead Bait Rig


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